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Hydrophilic and non-stick coatings for medicine and analysis


Resimed coatings are functional coatings based on fluoro-polymers or hydrogel- polymers in combination with resin substrates.

The coatings consist of one or two coats, depending on the type of application.

The fluoro-polymer coatings have out-standing anti-friction characteristics even when dry whereas hydrogel-polymer coatings become so only after wetting. A surface treated with hydrogel-polymers feels just like an ordinary plastic when dry.


w  General technical characteristics


w  Uses of fluoro-polymer coatings

As insulation for materials and to prevent fluid adhesion in analytical equipment and other laboratory apparatus.


w  Uses of hydrogel-polymer coatings

Mainly for stainless steel wires, stainless steel microbore piping and various plastic parts.

These illustrations represent only a sample of the full range of possible uses of Resimed coatings.