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Non-stick and anti-corrosion coating


Resincoat coatings are based on the fluorocarbons FEP, PFA, PVDF, CTFE and ETFE.

In addition to their partly very good non-stick characteristics, these coatings offer outstanding protection against corrosion from the most common chemicals. The capacity of these coatings to form layers free of micropores, even at very low thicknesses, makes them ideally suited for use in applications where electrical insulation is required in addition to good non-stick and anti-corrosion characteristics.

Thanks to their corrosion resistance and the quality they bring to processing, Resincoat coatings serve to preserve value and reduce costs.


w  General technical characteristics


w  Uses

For applications requiring very good non-stick characteristics plus good resistance to chemicals and micropore-free coatings. For example, manometer parts, membranes, fittings and pipes, agitators, star wheel feeder, temperature sensors, level regulators, containers and hoppers for the chemical industry.

In galvanising, for clamps and galvanising frames.
In medical technology, for electro-surgery and endoscopy.
In the paper industry, for drying cylinders, hoppers and containers.
In the plastics industry, for moulds and containers used in processing polyurethane.

These illustrations represent only a sample of the full range of possible uses of Resincoat coatings.



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